How to watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD streaming is available on Netflix on many 4K devices.

To watch Netflix in Ultra HD, you need:

TVs and devices that support 4K Ultra HD

For device models with Ultra HD available, search the Netflix Help Center for your device. If Ultra HD is available on your device, it will be listed in the Ultra HD section. You can also contact your device manufacturer for more information.

Devices must run the latest firmware for Ultra HD playback to work properly.

4K Ultra HD on a computer

Netflix is available in Ultra HD on Windows and Mac computers with:

These computers require a 4K capable 60Hz monitor to play Ultra HD content.

How to find Ultra HD titles

You can find TV shows and movies available in 4K Ultra HD on your device by searching for "4K" or "Ultra HD" in the Netflix app. Titles available in 4K Ultra HD will have a 4K icon label next to their description.

Most (but not all) TV shows and movies are available in 4K Ultra HD. Some TV shows may not have 4K Ultra HD available for every season.

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