Phishing or suspicious emails or texts claiming to be from Netflix

If you get an email or text message (SMS) asking for your Netflix account email, phone, password, or payment method it probably didn't come from Netflix. Below are tips for identifying and handling suspicious emails and texts to keep your account safe.

How to tell if an email or text is actually from Netflix

  • We'll never ask you to share your personal information in a text or email. This includes:

    • Credit or debit card numbers

    • Bank account details

    • Netflix passwords

  • We'll never ask for payment through a 3rd party vendor or website.

  • If the text or email links to a URL that you don't recognize, don't tap or click it. If you did already, do not enter any information on the website that opened.

What should I do if I get a suspicious email or text?

Scammers can’t get information from you unless you give it to them. So don’t click any links in the messages or reply to them.

Suspicious emails

  1. Don’t click any of the links or open any of the attachments.

  2. Forward the email to

    If your email is rejected when you forward it, it means we have already received a copy of the phishing message. You don't need to do anything else except delete the email or message.
  3. Delete the email.

Suspicious text messages (SMS)


  1. Tap and hold the message that you want to forward.

  2. Tap Forward message.

  3. Tap the Forward arrow .

  4. Enter

  5. Select the address you just entered.

  6. Tap Send Send arrow.

  7. Delete the message.

These steps might be different for your device. To get steps for your device, check the manual that came with it or get help from the manufacturer.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1. Tap and hold the message that you want to forward.

  2. Tap More... and then the Forward arrow Forward arrow .

  3. Enter

  4. Tap Send Send arrow.

  5. Delete the message. 

Text fees may apply.

What if I already clicked a link or shared personal information?

  • Change your Netflix password to a new one that is strong and unique to Netflix.

  • Update your password on any other websites or apps where you used the same email and password combination.

    To help keep your accounts secure, it's best not to use the same email and password combinations for any websites or apps.
  • Contact your financial institution if you entered any payment information, as it may have been compromised.

  • Forward the message to with the steps above.

What if I see a website or app pretending to be Netflix or Netflix Customer Service?

  1. Don't click any links or enter any information on the website or app.

  2. Send a copy of the link to the website or app pretending to be from Netflix in an email to

What are the best ways to keep my information safe?

Be careful anytime you get an email or text requesting personal information. 

  • Don't click a link if you're not sure about it; go directly to the company website instead.

  • Never send personal or financially sensitive information through email.

  • Check the sender’s address to see if it looks legitimate.

  • On a computer browser, hover over any links before clicking on them to see the URL. Make sure the links go where you expect them to.

  • Install anti-virus software to help guard your devices and personal information.

Please contact us if you think your email was changed without your permission so we can help you change it back. You can also visit How to keep your account secure for more security tips.

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