Why subtitles aren't available in a specific language

Subtitles are available in many languages for most titles. If subtitles aren’t available in a language, it may be due to:

  • Your location

  • Your profile Language settings

  • The movie or TV show you're trying to watch

  • The device you're trying to watch on

Netflix displays the 5 to 7 most relevant subtitle languages based on your language settings and location. For downloaded titles, Netflix displays the 2 most relevant languages.

If you're connected to WiFi while watching a TV show or movie that you have also downloaded to your device, only the 2 most relevant languages will be shown as subtitle options. To display more languages, delete the download, select the desired language, and download it again.

Subtitles may not be available in a desired language for specific titles because of content licensing and show agreements.

I don't see an option for subtitles in a language

If subtitles aren’t available for a particular language, you can:

  • Use these instructions to adjust your profile Language settings.

    Changing your profile Display Language will change the entire Netflix experience to that language.
  • Visit netflix.com/subtitles to browse and watch movies and TV shows by subtitle language.

Why can I see subtitles in a language on one device, but not another?

If subtitles for a title are offered in a language but do not display on your device, try another device. The Netflix app may not support subtitles for some languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Romanian, or Vietnamese on devices manufactured before 2014, but many newer devices do support them.

Use 2014 as a general guide for when devices began supporting these languages. There may be devices manufactured after 2014 that do not support them.

Why can I see subtitles for one season, but not another?

Some TV shows may have different sources for each season's subtitles. In some cases, subtitles for seasons that Netflix has offered prior to 2018 may not be available on all devices. If you are seeing subtitles for one season but not another, try using another device to watch your desired season.