Why aren't subtitles available in my language?

If subtitles are not available in your language, it may be due to the title you're trying to watch, or the device you're trying to watch on. Netflix provides subtitles in many languages and many titles, but not all titles or languages have subtitles available.

Why can I see subtitles in my language on one device, but not another?

If subtitles for the title are offered in your preferred language but do not display on your device, try switching to another device. The Netflix app may not support subtitles for non-Latin alphabets on devices manufactured before 2014, but many newer devices do support languages that use these alphabets.

Device technology varies from one device manufacturer to another and the 2014 manufacturing year is intended to provide general guidance on when devices began supporting non-Latin alphabets. Some devices manufactured after 2014 may not support non-Latin alphabets.

Why can I see subtitles for one season, but not another?

Some TV shows may have different sources for each season's subtitles. In some cases, subtitles for seasons that Netflix has offered prior to 2018 may not be available on all devices. If you are seeing subtitles for one season but not another, try using another device to watch your desired season.

I don't see an option for subtitles in my language.

If your preferred language isn't listed as a subtitle option, subtitles may not be available in that language for that specific title. You can see which TV shows and movies do offer subtitles in your preferred language by visiting netflix.com/subtitles.