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Slash your way through an ever-changing Underworld to ditch the afterlife with the Greek gods rooting you on. And when you die trying? Try again.

About the game

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Game category: Action

Number of players: Single player

Offline play: Yes

Cloud saves: Yes

Content rating: See the game's app store page

Languages: Chinese (Simplified), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain)

Developer: Supergiant Games, Secret6

How to download


To play, you’ll have to install the game on your device first. You need:

  • A compatible device:

    • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS/iPadOS 17 or later

  • An active Netflix subscription

  • An internet connection to download and install the game

  • Enough storage space on your device


iPhone or iPad

From the Netflix app

The Netflix app includes a Mobile Games row on the home screen.

  1. From the home screen in the app, swipe down to find the Mobile Games row.

    Not seeing the Mobile Games row? Make sure you have the latest Netflix app version. See How to update the Netflix app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Tap on the game, and then tap Get Game or Play Game.

  3. Tap Get or the Cloud icon on the App Store banner.

  4. The game will download and install. When complete, tap Open.

    • After a game is installed, you can open it from the Mobile Games row in the Netflix app, or by tapping its icon on your device's home screen.

  5. The game will launch. Tap the Profile icon in the game if you'd like to change to a different profile and start playing!

From the App Store

You can also search for a game in the App Store.

  1. Open the App Store and search for the game by name or see all available Netflix games.

  2. Select the game from the search results, and tap Get or the Cloud icon.

  3. The game will download and install. When complete, tap Open.

    • After a game is installed, you can open it from the Mobile Games row in the Netflix app, or by tapping its icon on your device's home screen.

  4. If prompted to log in, tap Next and then enter your Netflix account email address and password. Select Log in.

  5. Choose your Netflix profile and start playing!

Netflix games aren't available in Kids profiles. A game may not appear for a profile if the profile’s maturity setting is set below the maturity rating of the game, or if your device isn't compatible with the game.


Having a problem with the game? Here are fixes to try for common problems.

Game crashes, freezes, or stops responding

If your game stops working, won't respond, or closes suddenly:

Game performance or visual issues

If your game doesn't perform well, lags, or visually skips or stutters:

Game sound or volume issues

If you don't get any sound or the volume is too quiet:

  • Check your device's volume or sound settings. If your phone has a Silent or Do Not Disturb mode make sure it's off.

  • If the game has its own sound settings, check if they're on and turned up.

  • If your device is connected to a speaker or headphones using Bluetooth, try turning Bluetooth off and back on.

If the sound is choppy or stutters:

Game error message or code

If you get one of these errors, go to the matching article below for steps that fix the problem.

If you get a different error message or code, you can contact us to let us know there's a problem.

Lost game progress or missing game items

If you lost game progress, your game save was reset, or are missing game items or currency, please contact us.

If the steps don't fix your issue or the issue returns after doing the steps, contact us for more help.

Gameplay Questions

Stuck in the game somewhere? Wondering how something works? Have questions about in-game settings? Here are answers to common gameplay questions.

How to connect a controller to play

You can enhance your experience by connecting a Bluetooth controller to your device. Set your controller in pairing mode and select it from your device's Bluetooth settings. Once connected, you can use it to control your character in the game.

Not finding what you're looking for? Check our Netflix Games article. You can also always contact us.

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